Welcome to the Teacher’s Guide website for The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction. This website is intended to provide ancillary materials and suggestions for teaching with The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction. As in the Anthology itself, the contents of this website reflect no single editor’s viewpoint or pedagogical approach. It recognizes that readers, including students and teachers, can interact meaningfully with these texts in diverse ways. Our hope is that this Teacher’s Guide will serve as one starting point for such wide-ranging discussions.

We have organized this Teacher’s Guide into three categories of content, from the broadest in scope to the most specific:

– links to online resources (briefly annotated)
– detailed descriptions of the world’s major sf archives and research collections
– aids for course planning, including discussion questions, paper and exam topics, and sample syllabi

Whether the pedagogical approach is historical or thematic (see the dual Table of Contents on pp. vi-x of the Anthology), the material here should prove helpful to teachers and students alike. Some of our sample syllabi offer suggestions on supplementing the stories in this volume with sf novels, films, and/or television programs. We will periodically add more content to the site as new materials are developed. Check back often for updates.

Feedback is always welcome. Please send your comments and suggestions to the Wesleyan webmaster listed below who will pass them along to us.

We hope you enjoy working with The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction.

– The editors of Science Fiction Studies

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